How to Know It’s Time to Get a New Water Heater

Zainab Alawi
Feb 24, 2022, 10:32:29 AM

The water heater is one of the most important devices that are used in the winter to heat water for multiple purposes, and it is also considered one of the most dangerous devices because of the problems it causes if it is misused. It causes in killing you or your family, lost due to the bad use of the devices, and the lack of knowledge of security and safety requirements and how to take care of the devices.

The electric heater is a container of metal covered with an insulating material from the outside in order to keep the water hot, and the main role of the thermostat comes in heating the water, which is a coiled wire in a spiral shape made of a durable metal material and is installed in the center of the container and is connected to electrical power and when it works It becomes hot and thus heats the water in the pot, but this heating is not always, but there is a thermostat, which is a tool for regulating the temperature of the water and controlling its boiling level. This process also requires the presence of a strong wall that bears the heat of the water. This wall should be inspected from time to time and cleaned of the layers that are deposited on it.

One of the most important risks caused by the electric heater is the explosion or the electrical contact, both of which are serious causes that lead to accidents and certain death. Which causes electrocution, which often leads to death.

The other danger caused by the water heater is the explosion, and the reason for this is the interruption of the water from the heater, as this occurs because of the evaporation of water from the heater or the lack of water reaching it with the continued rise in temperature until it reaches the boiling point and evaporation, which leads to pressure inside the tank and then the explosion and the reasons for it are:

• There is a malfunction or damage to the thermostat, which leads to a continuous rise in temperature without disconnecting the power from the regulator.

• Lack of proper ventilation for the heater in the pipes connected to it.

• Damage and blockage of the safety valve. The electric current must be isolated from the heater when the water is cut off for any reason, and the water heater should be placed in an open place.

There are safety instructions and guidelines that must be followed to avoid accidents and injuries due to the wrong use of electrical appliances:

• Replace the water heater if it is old or does not work regularly with a new one, if it is installed by a competent electrician.

• You must learn about the types of heaters and their parts, how they work, how to disassemble them and replace their spare parts

Here are the heater parts:

1. Safety valve, which allows excess water and vapors to escape out of the heater when the pressure inside the heater increases so that the explosion does not occur and is located at the top of the heater.

2. Thermal regulator, its frequent use and the passage of a long period of working and immersion in warm and cold water. The issue of heating water may be disrupted due to the salts that are found in the water, so deposits form inside the heater, especially in the summer when the heater is not operated for a long time, so the water is inside it. When the regulator heats up, it prevents These deposits conduct heat to the water due to the accumulation of that layer on the regulator inside the heater, so it must be cleaned well from this layer or replaced with another new regulator.

3. Thermostat, which is the tool used to control the temperature of the water, by adjusting the indicator of the heater, and the water temperature can be known by measuring the temperature outside the heater.

Caring for the heater tank due to the processes of heating the water in the winter and in the summer it is closed and is not used, so the water inside the heater becomes lukewarm and does not move. Or control its heat.

It is preferable to dismantle the parts of the heater to empty the water once a year by opening the drain valve located at the bottom of the heater, but before that you must make sure to disconnect the power supply, undo the electrical wires connected to the heater and open the bottom cover of the heater, and if the water inside is hot, you must wait until it cools down Spilling hot water does not cause burns on the body, then close the water tap coming to the heater and then replace the heater parts.