Lighting .. Types and effects in interior design

Zainab Alawi
Feb 14, 2022, 10:50:11 AM

Lighting is one of the basic elements that support the interior design and strengthen its impact, but many people neglect this issue, or they distribute it randomly, or they use illumination that is not suitable for the room, which gives an annoying or light glow or over an unimportant part.

These mistakes are made by many when distributing lighting in an unprofessional way, although the main importance of light lies in its ability to help us see clearly and enjoy the colors and details of the furniture, but it gives us a feeling of warmth or cold, spaciousness or narrowness of space.


How to use light in interior design

1.   Functional lighting: This type supports the function of the vacuum with comfort and high efficiency, whether it is recreational or practical, and this explains why the distribution of lighting for workplaces differs from homes or recreational places, and even rooms within workplaces differ in lighting according to the function of the room and the tasks of its workers, as well as rooms in homes differ Lighting each other, the bedrooms are quiet, unlike the dining and sitting rooms, for example. And often the focus is on functional lighting more than other lighting as it is the most important.

2.   Poetic lighting: which gives the room a special atmosphere, making it warm, comfortable, or attractive and romantic. The desired effect can be controlled according to the chosen color, the size of the lighting source and the number of devices used, in addition to its wonderful effect, as it supports functional lighting and reduces the contrast of light in different parts of the room.

3.   Global lighting: Provides effective lighting for the whole room in general, which can be provided by ceiling lights or lamps that point upwards.

4.   Directed light: which does not illuminate the entire room, but aims to illuminate a specific area, and makes the contrast in the parts of the room clear between light and dark. This type of lighting comes from desk lamps and some table lamps, as it is used in spaces that require concentrated amounts of light to carry out activities such as reading, doing hobbies, or delicate work.

5.   Diffused light: aims to illuminate a larger area of the room, and gives a pleasant atmosphere of light contrast through the soft transition between light and dark. To provide this type of lighting, types of light fixtures with covers that allow light to pass through are called diffusers; They have transparent or translucent covers, usually made of paper, cloth or glass, and provide soft light.


Make your choice of lighting strength and color appropriate for the space and type of use.

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