Tips for choosing the best construction contractor

Zainab Alawi
Jan 25, 2022, 12:49:38 PM

If you are about to build your project and start looking for a contractor and are confused about the best options for appointing a contractor and to avoid problems that may arise during the implementation stages. We offer you some tips that will help you reduce risks, protect against losses, and protect you from failure of your project.

Make sure that you have clear engineering maps for the project, detailed construction specifications and a schedule of building materials to obtain clear and detailed quotations.

Determine your budget for construction and your desire to choose the type of contracting with the contractor when he is appointed to deliver the entire project, or to implement the entire construction in exchange for the owner providing some materials and finishes such as tiles, electrical tools and sanitary fixtures, or an agreement with the contractor for black construction and the owner must carry out the supplementary works himself with Manufacturing workshops and other finishing services in the event that the owner has the familiarity, knowledge and ability to complete the work according to the specifications and the time available on his part.

Let your choice in appointing the contractor be based on the quality of the work and the integrity of the specifications, not the lowest price. Make sure that the offer submitted by the contractor is clear and comprehensive for all project details and prices are detailed for all materials and works included in the project.

Ensure that the contractor has:

1- Active commercial record

2- Good reputation and successful implemented projects

3- Skilled labor in a variety of specialties

4- Sufficient equipment and machinery to operate

5- Engineers with field experience

Make sure that the contract includes detailed clauses:

1- Record all construction work in full detail

2- Determining balanced financial payments ratios according to the stages of business completion

3- Imposing a penalty clause for delaying the delivery of the project

3- Imposing a penalty clause for the right to cancel the contract in case of breach of the terms of the contract

If you are not familiar enough with the quality of the materials, the quality of the work and the methods of implementation, advice:

1- Appointment of an engineering office to supervise construction works

2- Obligating the contractor to implement the project according to the engineering drawings and to avoid violations

3- Coordination between the main contractor, the interior designer, and kitchen, decor and furnishing suppliers to ensure the organization of works and implementation as required by the executives.

Any change that you make while building on the volume of works by adding or canceling must be agreed upon before implementing or modifying it and specifying its value by increase or decrease according to the prices listed in the table of quantities and link it to the time for delivering the project by extension or reduction offers you free consultations in the field of design and construction and provides you with all construction, maintenance and interior design services and obtaining the building materials you need in your project.