Types of natural grass to cover agricultural soil

Zainab Alawi
Jan 25, 2022, 3:08:49 PM

Learn about the types of natural grass (grass) to cover the agricultural surface.

The types of grass differ according to the environmental environment of the soil, the purpose of use and the agricultural season

1. A hot-climate herb and its planting begins in March:

  • Bermuda Grass: A fast-growing herb that tolerates very hot climates, consumes little irrigation water, becomes yellowish during winter, tolerates high water salinity
  • Tiff dwarf: Medium fine, dark green grass, a dense, tread-tolerant plant that is recommended for golf courses
  • Paspalum: A fast-growing herb that does not tolerate being trampled, a medium-soft, dark green plant that tolerates high water salinity

2. A cold-climate herb, and its planting begins in October:

  • Rye Grass: A fast-growing herb that tolerates being run over. A dense plant that gives a smooth surface. It tolerates very cold climates. It needs abundant irrigation water. It does not tolerate drought. It needs the sun to grow. It does not tolerate shade. Medium tolerant of salinity.
  • Fescue: A herb that tolerates running over and walking, a dense plant that is resistant to diseases, insects, drought and salinity.

There are many methods of reproduction for grasses, the most famous of which are:

  • Seeds
  • Sprigs
  • Stolons
  • Plugs
  • Sods

General guidelines for planting grass

  • plowing the soil: Turning the arable soil and cleaning it to get rid of damaged and harmful weeds and making sure to remove the rocks in the soil.
  • soil fertilization: This step increases the organic matter in the soil because the grass needs soil rich in organic matter.
  • Planting seeds/grass: Spread the seeds at a rate of 300 grams per 10 square meters of area or distribute the grass evenly at close distances in the soil
  • Irrigation of seeds/grass: The grass should be irrigated as soon as it is planted daily for the first 3 weeks to keep the soil moist, and then reduce the amount of water after the grass is firm and green

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