About Qeta'at

Qeta'at is an innovative, comprehensive e-commerce platform focused on the extended-spectrum of all Urban Development sectors, specifically Real Estate, Construction and industrial sectors, offering related products and services. It operates benefiting both vendors and consumers as it enables and empowers vendors to promote, expand and engage their businesses locally and regionally, which in return provides consumers with easy access to various vendors and a variety of goods and services. Hence, it facilitates the shopping cycle.


  • Empower local businesses with digitization, business innovation, and extended customer relationship.
  • Promote local businesses locally, regionally, and internationally.
  • Protect local businesses from competition, mega e-commerce, regional competitors, and digitization effects.
  • Make locals pioneer on digitization, marketplaces, and online presence.


We strive to transform thousands of GCC businesses to e-commerce in the coming five years, through its innovative platform and services, providing swift engagement with consumers for local and cross boarder e-commerce transacting.


  • Enabling and Empowering
  • Value Addition
  • Differentiation
  • Reliability and Trust
  • Affordability
  • Success Sharing

Qeta’at Sectors

Real Estate: Focusing on all segments of Real Estate business, empowering Real Estate Agencies, Brokers, Property and Land developers, Property management, Valuers, Property Maintenance, Advisory, Selling, Renting, commercial and residential properties.

Engineering: Focusing on all Engineering offices, professionals, and companies, in the fields of Civil Engineering, Interior Design, Architecture, Surveying, etc.

Construction Industry: Focusing on all heavy industrial construction, institutional and commercial, engineering, residential building construction. Includes Construction Equipment, Building materials, Building maintenance, Cleaning and services, Finishes, Contracting services.

Machinery: Focusing on a diverse set of industries from complex machinery made up of companies that rent or sell machinery, equipment or supplies used in manufacturing and construction.

Tools: Focusing on large range of important tools that create end-products and typically employ multiple metal forming processes includes corded and cordless Power tools, Power source, Hardware tools, Air tools, Toolbox, Lifting tools, Lubricants, Safety.

Agriculture Landscape: Focusing on all agriculture firms in the fields of Plants, Gardening tools, Gardening services, Fertilizers, Landscape design.

Manufacturing: Focusing on companies in the business of creation and production of products with the consideration of product design and materials specification including Aluminum Fabrication, Carpentry, Glass & Mirrors and others.

Furniture: Focusing on manufacturing of household and office furniture made of different materials in the fields of Bedroom furniture, Dining room furniture, Living room furniture, Kids and nursery furniture, Home office furniture.

Swimming pools: Focusing on Swimming pools Equipment such as suction, sand media filters, and tiles. Also Swimming pools Services.