Alvic - Mdf Board Guayana - Luxe Woodgrain Per Board

رقم المنتج: BRDALVLTM8L07860

شامل الضريبة
Medium density fiberboard (MDF) base board coated with decorative paper on both sides and lacquered with UV treatment on its front face.When they are supplied as finished components, PUR glue and ABS or PMMA edge-band are used to cover the edges. Features: Natural Finshes. Stain Resitance. Easy Cleaning. Long Durability. Antibacterial Treatment. Color stability. Eco-friendly. Dimension: 2750 X 1240 X 18 mm Wood Type: MDF Product Type: MDF Board Color: GUAYANA Recommended Applications: Components for furniture and decoration. Disclaimer: Colours on screen may vary from actual product.
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