Hettich - Rastex 15 Without Rim (19 Mm)

رقم المنتج: FITHET2506400000

شامل الضريبة
Rastex 15 without rim, nickel plated, 19 mmWith torque support allows furniture sides to be pulled into place from space up to 4 mm from the panel end Twice as secure thanks to internal and exterior indentations the dowel is always pulled in to the centred position, ruling out any displacement of furniture components! Eccentric cam can be tightened with flat-blade screwdriver, Pozidrive screwdriver PZ 3 or Allen key A/F 4 With or without rim, the rim covers any jagged drillings, making an additional cover cap unnecessary Zinc die-cast Order no. 25064 Article: Rastex 15 without rim, nickel plated, 19 mm PU: 200 ea. Split box permitted: Yes Material: Zinc die-cast Panel thickness (min.): 19 Panel thickness (max.): 21.9
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