Karcher - Eu High Pressure Washer

Karcher - Eu High Pressure Washer

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The HD5/11 P portable high-pressure cleaner impresses with its compact constructionstyle, low weight and outstanding mobility. The machine features a reliablethree-piston axial pump with brass cylinder head. An additional carrying handleand the extendable push handle make it easier to transport the machine andstore it in small spaces. Suitable for vertical and horizontal operation. Thepractical accessory storage features include a nozzle compartment, screwconnection (M 18 x 1.5) for Surface Cleaner, and a practical rubber band forsecuring the pressure hose. The automatic pressure relief system impresses byoffering clear advantages: it protects the components, extends the servicelife, reduces repair and maintenance costs and lowers the pulling force on thenew EASY!Force high-pressure gun. This also makes use of the recoil force ofthe high-pressure jet to reduce the holding force to zero. The EASY!Lockquick-release fasteners, which are also new, make handling five times fasterthan with conventional screw connections, without compromising when it comes torobustness and longevity.


  • Spray gun, EASY!Force
  • High-pressure hose, 10 m
  • Spray lance, 840 mm
  • Pressure cut-off

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H)

35.1 x 31.2 x 90.4 cm


20.6 kg

Max Pressure

160 / 16 (bar/MPa)

Connection Load

2.2 kW

Working pressure (bar/MPa)

110 / 11

Power Cable Length


Flow Rate (l/h)


Current Type (Ph/V/Hz)

1 / 230 / 50

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