Soosan - Hydraulic Breaker - Sb-43Bh

Item Code: Hydraulic Breaker - SB-43BH

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The Soosan SB-43BH hydraulic breaker attachment is designed for excavators or other heavy machinery and is commonly used in various construction, demolition, mining, quarrying, and road-building applications. Here are some specific uses for the Soosan SB-43BH hydraulic breaker attachment:

Concrete and Rock Breaking: The primary use of hydraulic breakers like the Soosan SB-43BH is to break through hard materials such as concrete, rock, asphalt, and reinforced concrete. It is often employed in demolition projects to remove concrete structures, foundations, pavement, and rock formations.

Operation Weight (kg): 341Carrier Weigh (ton): 6~9Operating Pressure (bar): 120~150Impact Rate (bpm): 400~800Tool Diameter (mm): 75


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